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QCC Skin

QCC Skin

Step 1 - Cleanse
Step 2 - Balance/Tone
Step 3 - Hydrate/Nourish

*Raw African Black Soap melted down with purified water. This can be used as a Body wash and/ or Acne face wash.
* cleanses skin
* fights acne
* reduces blemishes & dark marks
*reduces excessive oils
* minimizes fine lines & wrinkles
Use morning & night for best results

*Rose Water - Egyptian Rose petals - Purified water - Aloe Vera Juice
* extremely calming and soothing on the skin
* tightens the skin
* contains the goodness of rose and aloe vera
* the two ingredients work together to hydrate the skin
*Keep Rose toner refrigerated*

Glow Serum- A blend of hydrating oils and vitamins like rose-hip seed oil and vitamin C+E and tea tree - Rose petals- gold flakes
* extremely hydrating
* fights acne
* improves the texture and appearance of skin
* brightens
* evens skin tone